Our Journey

Tim Costello and Fraser Bishop saw First hand how engineers in vacuums make cool, useless, unpractical, expensive, complicated, difficult to use technologies. They decided to make a technological system that was user-friendly, convenient, affordable for regular consumers who did not have technological knowledge, a product, and systems for someone like themselves. The remarkable journey began over the next 4 1/2 years. They put together a team of experts and engineers that wanted to be involved in the project. COVID restrictions meant finding ways to collaborate effectively; brutal self-funding, and limited resources, led to hustling for every penny. They had no choice but to come up with creative solutions and this created innovation that drove the company mindset of “all hands-on deck”. They and the team knew they were working on a revolutionary, groundbreaking technology that would change the world. With inputs, innovation was simplified, the location that was picked for prototyping was rural, and had no green technology infrastructure, and that’s the way the company wanted it. This meant Accomac technologies would work in remote areas. The long hours and hard work paid off on December 16th, 2022, around 3:15 am! Prototype Aggie took her very first steps and flew without assistance and ushered in the world’s first green hybrid UAV sprayer.